I'm still working on this section but here's some stuff while you wait.

Some Surrogates stuff that didn't make the cut on my reel. Synthespian Studios rejuvinated Bruce Willis in about 200 shots. Most of it was painstakingly done by compositors but my 3d element which I cleaned up from a cybersan and rigged was used to de-blurify his face and add some of the original texture back in:

A very good friend of mine directed this video and asked me to do the visual effects. I had two weeks to do it and was already on a full time job so I had to work as efficiently as possible, it was a good exercise for me and I had a lot of fun coming up with the style and pipeline. The song is "Glory to the World" by El Perro Del Mar, directed by Emily DeGroot:


NeuroSky makes the MindSet, a headset that reads your brainwaves and allows you to control aspects of a game by tuning your thoughts! I saw a story about them a while back and was so impressed that I emailed them to see if I could help. They actually said yes and hired me to design, model, texture, rig and animate two characters for their game The Adventures of NeuroBoy. I had never made game assets before so there was a learning curve but I worked with them to create a pipeline starting in Maya and ending in Unity which ended up being pretty smooth.

The Adventures of Neuroboy

I noticed that a lot of renders look weird because they're missing Fresnel Reflection so I made a tutorial explaining what it is and how to use it:

Carl Sagan is one of my top five heroes, he sits up there with Einstein, Shel Silverstein, Jim Henson, and Wayne Coyne. I was honored to be asked to work on the 25th Anniversary of Cosmos. My main task was to recreate the "Life on Jupiter" sequence which is pretty recognizeable. I started with the original artwork and tried to remain as true to it as possible.

Some Photos that I took and or processed during my artist residency at Anderson Ranch in the Spring of '08:

Here are some more links:

For two years I worked at Sprite Animation Studios as a character TD, I fell in love with their style and learned everything I ever wanted to know, it was like I was getting paid to go to grad school. On their site are clips from a lot of the projects we did.

Whatch The Parthenon film in it's entirety.

We created some other assets that didn't make it in to the short but luckily were used in the IMAX film:
Greece: Secrets of the past